Personal style is a blending of a person’s essence with the clothes she chooses.  Style develops and matures naturally as you become more aware and astute about yourself, others and fashion in general.

These services are designed to help you to learn how to build a versatile wardrobe that is individualized to your specific face shape, bodyline and life style.  You will discover the styles that flatter your figure; the prints, hairstyles, and accessories that enhance your face shape and help to create your personal style.

Color Analysis: $150

What colors make you look healthier and more vibrant? A color analysis helps you do just that! From the analysis results, a custom palette is made of 40 colors that harmonize with your coloring. You’ll learn to choose only the clothing colors that make you look fabulous.  Shopping will become faster and easier.  You’ll look taller and trimmer.  And you’ll find countless mix-and-match options you never even planned!

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Note: We know hair color can change the colors that work best with you. If you wear different colored wigs you may need additional color palettes. To keep you looking great with all your looks we have a have a special of  $50/hair color. Contact us for more information.

Style Analysis: $195

Discover the your best style in clothing, neckline, hairstyles, eyeglasses or accessories with a Style Consultation. Your Style Consultation provides a computerized silhouette analysis, where you find out your face shape and body balance, you'll learn what styles harmonize the best with you, as well as how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight.

You'll also learn what clothing qualities to look for and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe. A guidebook written just for you is included to assist you as you shop.

PLUS – Receive these FREE BONUS GIFTS:

    • eBook – “Dressing For Your Body Type” – $39 value
    • eBook – “Dressing Taller & Trimmer” – $29 value

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Color and Style Analysis Combo: $300

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